I was recently quoted in a Deseret News article, and I would like to provide some context to the article.

You can find the Deseret News article HERE.

I was approached by an independent writer that quoted the statistics about the Utah Marriage rate and life insurance statistics, and then he posed two questions.    His questions and my responses are below, in their entirety;


1)    Do you think there are any reservations about buying life insurance that might be unique to or more prominent in Utah?


My best rational as to the disparity between the marriage rate and life insurance is that it is probably a function of Utah culture in combination with the beliefs and teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons), as well as other traditional Christian religions in Utah.  The teachings and doctrine emphasize the importance and sanctity of traditional marriage and that a man and a woman absolutely must be married prior to engaging in sexual relationships.  Consequently, I suppose this is the reason that Utah has such a relatively high marriage rate, and I am also going to suppose that Utah has a relatively young average marriage age as well.

I suppose that young couples in their twenties feel somewhat invincible, or maybe from a budgetary aspect feel that they can’t afford life insurance, or that it’s simply not a priority at that stage of their life.  I also wonder if Utah residents are under-served by the life insurance sales community, and they are simply ignorant to the importance and benefits of buying life insurance as they start out.

It should also be pointed out that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has long emphasized the importance of life insurance in their teachings and encouragement of provident living and self reliance. ( )  Having life insurance is a key element of a money management guide authored by the late Apostle Marvin J. Ashton in 2007 called One for the Money.

2)    What would you tell a young married couple who thinks they are too young for life insurance?

At whatever age, it has been my experience that the reason people ever buy life insurance can be condensed down to a single reason.  Love.

If you want more reasons to buy life insurance at a young age.  Here is a short list of the reasons that come to mind.

1.    Because you love your spouse, future spouse and children and future children even future grandchildren, charity, alma-mater, church or cause enough to sacrifice a little bit each month out of the budget for their benefit, safety and well being and it should be a top one, two or three priority.

2.    It’s the responsible and intelligent thing to do.

3.    You are not immortal. People do die at all ages from accidents and illness.

4.    Lock in insurability.  You should lock in a low rate while you are young and likely to be at your most healthy stage of life. Lock in a policy that will last many years before you become sick or ill or experience adverse underwriting conditions such as depression and other mental health issues, weight gain, organ malfunction, cancer, back injury, disability, illegal drug use, substance rehab, prescription drug abuse, and even changes in avocations such as airplane pilot or parachuting, hang-gliding or scuba diving.

5.    Life insurance can be the foundation for more complex investment strategies in the future, and can be used for financial planning purposes as a households financial situations change.

6.    May be needed in the future to secure a business loan.

7.    Has a long list of potential living benefits as well, depending on the type of life insurance that an individual or business chooses to purchase.

8.    The insurance you receive from your employer may or may not be continued in the event you change employment.  In my opinion, I would recommend having a life insurance policy that is not at the mercy of an employer and your employment with their organization.


I hope this gives you a slightly better understanding of my communications that this article was derived from.

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